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All the music on this page is released under a Creative Commons Sampling + license. That basically means that you're free to download them and share them and make copies of them. You're not, however, allowed to use them to advertise anything. You're free to cut them up and use them in your art in any way you see fit - as long as you credit me. Just right-click (I believe it's Option-click on a Mac) on the files and save them. Thanks for listening!

ep for dogs
This is an ep that originally existed as a 3" CDR. I made about 75 of them and gave them out for free and sent them to a bunch of people I didn't know. Sam from Zod Records was one of the first to respond and offered to release the tracks as a 12". I added a track or two to the list and asked Keith Whitman (aka Hrvatski) to do a remix. I'm not sure how many Zod had pressed, but they're pretty much all gone now. Here's the full album in high-quality VBR mp3 format.

01. pull
02. why can't it make sense to you?
03. i want cookies in my sleep
04. ch
05. held on
06. slow progress
07. pale over
08. tame nodes
09. pale over (hrvatski's pale.overture)

Get it?! My name is Sam. I'm a hoot. Here's a little 4-track 7" I had pressed a while ago. I sold it for a buck or two at shows and sent it to many many people. Now it's here for free for you.

A1. Plus
A2. Obliv
B1. Garo Knows
B2. Paper Bags

Here are a handful of 'officially unreleased' tracks. I like them, I hope you do to.

before you say anything... - This one's been kicking around for a while - It's a guitar + breaks + drum programming + overdriven loudness + quietness + Steff doing the dishes in the background.

drone 2005.03.29 - Here's a little drone piece I did recently.

Here are some live sets I've done. I don't play out very often at all, but when I do, each one is different. I try to record each one. Now that I've got a bit more web space I'm trying to put them all up here.

2000.12.16 - Lollygagger Session II
Live at Session II (17 mins - 25MB)
This is probably the most raucous set I've ever played. It's certainly the closest I've actually come to playing a breakcore set. It's all breaks, all mashed up, all played live via an odd and clunky sampler I made in Reaktor that only seemed to work that one time.

2002.11.01 - Hypercollision
Live at hyperCOLLISION (29 minutes - 49MB)
This set was performed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's museum for their hyperCOLLISION event - Fully improvised with live instruments including a toy dulcimer and a guitar (among many other things)

2003.04.30 - Zeitgeist Gallery
This piece was performed live on the Zeitgeist Gallery's beautiful grand piano as part of the Looping Festival. Basically, it's just me with a microphone plucking strings and hitting keys, then sampling the sounds with a sampler built (not by me) in PD.
Grab the whole set here

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All the music found on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.