ep for dogs
This is an ep that originally existed as a 3" CDR. I made about 75 of them and gave them out for free and sent them to a bunch of people I didn't know. Sam from Zod Records was one of the first to respond and offered to release the tracks as a 12". I added a track or two to the list and asked Keith Whitman (aka Hrvatski) to do a remix. I'm not sure how many Zod had pressed, but they're pretty much all gone now. Here's the full album in high-quality VBR mp3 format.

I have a few of these records available for purchase:
01. pull
02. why can't it make sense to you?
03. i want cookies in my sleep
04. ch
05. held on
06. slow progress
07. pale over
08. tame nodes
09. pale over (hrvatski's pale.overture)