Here are a handful of 'officially unreleased' tracks. I like them, I hope you do to.

before you say anything... - This one's been kicking around for a while - It's a guitar + breaks + drum programming + overdriven loudness + quietness + Steff doing the dishes in the background.

drone 2005.03.29 - Here's a little drone piece I did.

Survivor (Shitsngiggles mix). No, not that one, the other one.

Here are some live sets I've done. I don't play out very often at all, but when I do, each one is different. I try to record each one. Now that I've got a bit more web space I'm trying to put them all up here.

2000.12.16 - Lollygagger Session II
Live at Session II (17 mins - 25MB)
This is probably the most raucous set I've ever played. It's certainly the closest I've actually come to playing a breakcore set. It's all breaks, all mashed up, all played live via an odd and clunky sampler I made in Reaktor that only seemed to work that one time.

2002.11.01 - Hypercollision
Live at hyperCOLLISION (29 minutes - 49MB)
This set was performed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's museum for their hyperCOLLISION event - Fully improvised with live instruments including a toy dulcimer and a guitar (among many other things)